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Environmental Research & Development

One of the main axes of our activities is Research & Development on the design of integrated innovative solutions for the prevention and confrontation of contemporary environmental problems.

Towards this direction, TERRA NOVA actively participates in a significant number of National and European Research & Development projects in collaboration with other entities from Greece  and EU member states.

Research & Development projects that have been implemented so far, or are in progress, aimed at:

  • the application of circular economy principles in Greece
  • the design and development of an innovative algorithm and e-tool for the calculation of CO2 balance of tree crops cultivations as well as the proposal of policies for the mitigation of Climate Change
  • the design and development of an innovative device for monitoring Invasive Alien Mosquitoes species, which are enhanced by climate change as well as the proposal of appropriate management plans for their confrontation
  • the design and proposal of policies and measures for the minimization of special waste stream flows in the environment (single use plastic bags, cigarette butts)
  • the integrated management of waste produced by industries of the agricultural sector (olive oil mills, wineries) towards the production of high added value products
  • the protection of forest ecosystems through the calculation of the evolution of wild fire incidents
  • the improvement of the indoor air quality and the environmental comfort in buildings (development of monitoring methodologies and good practice guides)

In the context of these Research & Development projects, we have designed new innovative environmental technologies, products, methodologies and policies for the integrated management of crucial environmental issues.

LIFE IP CEI Greece (LIFE18 IPE/GR/000013)
LIFE Integrated Projects

“Circular Economy Implementation in Greece”

Implementation period: 2019-2027

SHui (773903)

“Soil Hydrology research platform underpinning innovation to manage water scarcity in European and Chinese cropping systems”

Implementation period: 2018-2022

LIFE Climate Change Mitigation

“A novel approach for accounting & monitoring carbon sequestration of tree crops and their potential as carbon sink areas”

Implementation period: 2015-2020

LIFE Environment, Governance and Information

“Integrated information and awareness campaign for the reduction of plastic bags in the marine environment”

LIFE DEBAG project was selected among the 5 finalists for LIFE Awards 2020 in the Environment category.

Implementation period: 2015-2019

LIFE+ Information and Communication

“Development of a Communication and Training campaign for the recycling of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE)”

Implementation period: 2014-2016

LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance

“Development & demonstration of management plans against -the climate change enhanced – invasive mosquitoes in S. Europe”

Implementation period: 2013-2018

AMMOS (LIFE12 INF/GR/000985)
LIFE+ Information and Communication

“Integrated information campaign for the reduction of smoking related litter on beaches”

Implementation period: 2013-2015

LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance

“Development of an integrated analysis system for the effective fire conservancy of forests”

Implementation period: 2010-2013

LIFE Environment

“Development of an economically viable process for the integrated management via utility of winemaking industry wastes: Production of high added value natural products and organic fertilizer”

DIONYSOS was awarded with the prize “Best of the Best” project 2007-2008 in the category “Waste Management”.

Implementation period: 2003-2007

Hellenic General Secretariat for Research & Development

“Design of a system for the identification of the best routes for oil transportation through the Aegean Sea”

Implementation period: 2003-2006

LIFE Environment

“Development of a Pilot Separate Collection and Recycling Scheme for Batteries and Accumulators in Crete”

Implementation period: 2002-2006

MINOS (LIFE00 ENV/GR/000671)
LIFE Environment

“Process development for an integrated olive oil mill waste management recovering natural antioxidants and producing organic fertilizer”

MINOS was awarded with the prize “Best LIFE-Environment Projects 2004-2005

Implementation period: 2001-2004

5th Action Programme

“Policies for land use to combat desertification”

Implementation period: 2001-2004


“Development of a system for the collection of recyclable materials from car-shops in Volos”

Implementation period: 2004


“Development of monitoring tool in hotel buildings and promotion of the rational use of energy (RUE) and the renewable energy sources (RES)”

Implementation period: 2002-2003

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