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If you do not measure it, you cannot improve it

Environmental Measurements Laboratory

Since 2000, our company has developed a specialized environmental measurement Laboratory for performing stack emissions measurements (volatile organic compounds, dust, water vapor, total organic carbon, metals), quality assurance of automated measuring systems (AMS) of particulate matter, indoor air quality and workplace air quality measurements (metals, suspended particles, asbestos, noise exposure), air quality (PM10), environmental noise measurements, as well as waste and soil sampling.

During the last years, our Laboratory has implemented more than 300 projects in the field of sampling, analysis and measurement of various parameters including:

  • Stack emission measurements in industrial activities
  • Indoor air quality measurements
  • Occupational exposure measurements of air pollutants in various installations
  • Air quality environmental assessment
  • Odour measurements
  • Measurements of environmental noise and occupational exposure to noise
  • Waste sampling and characterization
  • Soil sampling and evaluation
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