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Our Story

TERRA NOVA Ltd Environmental Engineering Consultancy provides integrated services covering the whole range of environmental needs and concerns of the contemporary enterprises. Since 1999, we provide dynamic support to our customers, offering high-level consulting and tailored solutions regarding any environmental need. Up-to-date, we have successfully implemented more than 3,000 environmental projects.

One of our main development axes is Research & Development in the field of environmental management and protection. Towards this direction, since 2000 we have invested substantial resources and have actively participated in the successful implementation of a significant number of environmental R&D projects.

Our Values

We value our people:

Our constant principle is to enlarge our team with scientists willing to explore innovative aspects of environmental management and to be engaged in a wide range of different environmental projects. We believe that each member of our team is a unique asset and we value its efforts towards our mutual development. We promote our people for their great ideas and energy. Our philosophy is to maintain a vivid team of happy people working in a joyful environment.

We adapt to our clients’ needs:

Our focus is to satisfy our clients’ environmental needs by going into the specific requirements and particularities of each project. We keep open communication with our clients as well as our external associates to ensure in short time the best outcome for each different case.

We are committed:

We recognize that the successful implementation of our projects relies on the full commitment of a motivated team.  We challenge ourselves on a daily basis in order to create advantage for our clients. The successful implementation of the projects assigned to our company is of paramount importance for all of us.

We are continuously improved:

One of our priorities is to continuously improve our performance. For this purpose, in a constant base we assess our performance, we re-design/modify/improve our methodologies and practices, we steadily update our knowledge database, we systematically maintain, and upgrade when required, our tools and instruments. We update our certifications and we steadily expand their fields of application.

We are innovative:

We aim at turning challenges into opportunities. Designing and developing innovative solutions, methodologies and technological achievements is one of our primary goals.

Our People

TERRA NOVA incorporates a wide pool of scientists (chemical engineers, environmental scientists, environmental engineers) with a profound and multidisciplinary background specialized and focused on various fields of environmental management.

TERRA NOVA also cooperates with a wide pool of scientific associates (civil engineers, mechanical engineers, geologists, biologists, etc.) in order to cover the whole range of the various environmental parameters of a project and to provide an integrated approach to the environmental issues of its clients.


TUV ISO 14001
TUV ISO 9001
  • TERRA NOVA is registered in the Record of Consulting Companies of the Hellenic Ministry for Development (Registration No. 613).
  • We operate in an environmental conscious way, having developed and implementing an Environmental Management System certified under the ISO 14001:2015 standard.
  • We have developed and implemented a Quality Management System, certified under the ISO 9001:2015 standard, in order to provide to our clients a standard quality of services and to continuously improve our performance.
  • Environmental Policy
  • Policy Quality


TERRA NOVA was one of the main partners of the following awarded Research & Development projects, which were co-funded by the European Commission under the framework of the LIFE-Environment Programme:

  • MINOS Project: awarded by the European Commission as one of the 24 Best LIFE-Environment Projects of the years 2004-2005.
  • DIONYSOS Project: awarded by the European Commission as one of the 5 Best of the Best Environmental Projects of the years 2007-2008.
  • LIFE DEBAG project: selected among the 5 finalists for LIFE Awards 2020 in the Environment category.
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