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During the years we have built a long list of clients from the private as well as from the public sector, offering high quality environmental consulting services.

Our clients list consists of more than 600 private companies of various business sectors (industries, hotels, telecommunications providers, renewable energy production companies, waste management facilities, commercial enterprises, etc.) as well as of public organizations (Ministries, Agencies, Prefectures, Local Authorities, Universities, Hospitals, etc.).

An indicative list of our clients is presented below.

Our Clients

A. Dailianis S.A.
Achaika Plastics S.A.
Aecom Hellas S.A
Aemy S.A. – Olympic Village Hospital
Afoi Konstantinidi S.A.
Aggitis S.A.
Aghia Sophia Children’s Hospital
Agios Andreas Patras General Hospital
Agios Savvas Anticancer Hospital
AIG Europe Ltd.
AIG Hellas S.A.
Air Lift S.A.
Akritas S.A.
Aktor S.A.
Alchimica S.A
Alpha Satellite TV S.A.
Alistrati Energiaki S.A.
Alter Ego S.A.
Aluman S.A.
Aluminco S.A.
Aluminium οf Greece S.A.
Amarc Hellas S.A.
Amfiklia’s Municipal Abattoir
Antipollution S.A.
Argo S.A.
Asopos Mills S.A.
Aspis R.S.C.
Aspis Security S.A.
Association of Municipalities of Central Macedonia
Association of Municipalities of Attica Region
Association of Regional Services of the Ministry of Education
Astrea S.A.
Athenian Mediclinic
Athens Airways S.A.
Athens Eye Hospital
Athens Medical Group
Atlantis Consulting Cyprus Ltd.
Bank of America
Bayer S.A
Berling S.A.
Betawood S.A.
Biodomus S.A.
Biosafety S.A.
Biosolids Ltd.
Bloomberg Hellas Ltd.
BMS Management Consultants S.A.
BNP Paribas
Boehringer Ingelheim Hellas S.A.
Bosch-Siemens (BSH) S.A.
BP p.l.c.
Cadbury S.A.
Certis Europe BV
Charmpis Ioannis – Biogas
Chartis Europe Limited
Chartis Hellas S.A. – National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh
Chromatourgia of Tripoli S.A.
Chrostiki S.A.
Club Hotel Casino Loutraki
Coca‑Cola Greece
Colgate – Palmolive Hellas S.A.
Combatt S.A.
Spanopoulos S.A.
Consolidated Contractors Company
Contlift Ltd.
Contruck Mechanica Sfantos L.P.
Copais Food and Beverage S.A.
Coral Gas Greece S.A.
Cosmote S.A.
Creta Eco-Phoenix S.A.
D. Kalogiros S.A.
D. Nomikos S.A.
Dakon S.A.
Danish Refugee Council
Decus S.A.
Dell Technologies S.A.
Delta Project S.A.
Delta Aksiou Energiaki S.A.
Demo S.A
Dias S.A.
Dow Hellas S.A.
Doxiadis Office S.A.
Dragados S.A.
Durostick S.A
Ecoelastika S.A.
Ecofeed S.A.
Ecolab S.A.
Ecomel Recycling Industry S.A.
Ecorap S.A
Ecoreset S.A.
Elais – Unilever S.A.
Elanthi S.A.
Elbisco S.A.
Electric Energy S.A.
Elefsina Port Authority S.A.
Eleftherotypia Newspaper
Eleusina Shipyards S.A.
Elfon S.A
Elin Biofuels S.A.
Elinoil S.A.
Ellagret S.A.
Elounda Hotels & Resorts S.A.
Elpen S.A
Elsa Silgan Metal Packaging S.A.
Elval Halkor S.A.
Elvan S.A.
Elvita Recycle
Embassy of Australia
Embassy of Canada
Embassy of USA
Endless – Eurochatiki S.A.
Energiaki Drasi S.A.
Energiaki Tomi S.A.
Sarantopoulos Mills S.A.
Eolfi Wind Hellas S.A.
Epalme S.A.
EQS Thalis
Er-Lac G.D. Koutlis S.A.
Erymanthos Electric Production
Eskoil Ltd.
Etva Vipe S.A.
Eurobank Financial Planning Services
Eurochartiki S.A.
Eurodrip S.A.
Europa Profil Aluminium Systems S.A.
European Crop Protection Association
European Public Law Center
European Union Agency for Cybersecurity
Eviop Tempo S.A.
Eye Day Clinic Ltd.
F. Siorikis
Famous S.A.
Fasma Constructions
Fibran D. Anastassiadis S.A.
Fitco S.A.
Fraport Regional Airports of Greece S.A.
Friesland Campina Hellas S.A.
Fthia Energiaki S.A.
Fotos G. L.P.
Fulgor S.A
G. Mallikoutis S.A.
Genepharm S.A
Georgia Pacific Hellas S.A
Giesecke & Devrient Matsoukis S.A.
Glantzi Anna “Lifelikes”
Global Finance S.A.
Gold Print S.A.
Google’s οffices in Athens
Grafotypiki S.A.
Grecolack S.A.
Groupama S.A.
H.B. Fuller S.A.
Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A.
Haidemenos Printing Services
Halcor S.A.
Halyps Cement S.A.
Hellas Construction, Inc.
Hellenic Cables S.A.
Hellenic Defense Systems S.A.
Hellenic Environmental Center S.A.
Hellenic Exchanges S.A.
Hellenic Ministry of Development and Competitiveness
Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change
Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation S.A.
Hellenic Shipyards S.A.
Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A.
Hellenic Transport Containers S.A.
Heracles General Cement Co. S.A.
Hotel Atrium
Hotel Dallas
Hotel Daphne
Hotel Kassandra Bay
Hotel Moody Bay
Hotel Siraino Mathinou
Hotel Stanley
Hotel Y
Houmas S.A.
Hydria Energy S.A.
Hydrodynamiki Ioanninon S.A.
Hygeia Hospital Center S.A.
Iaso General – General Clinic Holargos S.A.
Iatrokosmos Athens Private Multi Medical IAE
IBM Hellas S.A.
IBM’s offices in Cyprus
ICR Ioannou S.A.
Imithea S.A. (Henry Dunant Hospital Center)
In Maint – Infrastructure Maintenance and Repairs S.A.
Ina Plastics S.A.
Inomak S.A.
Interamerican – Eureco S.A.
Interchem Hellas S.A.
Interia S.A.
ION Hellas S.A.
Ionikos Rythmos S.A.
Ippokrateio General Hospital of Athens
Johnson & Johnson Hellas S.A.
Joint Venture J&P Avax S.A. – Intrakat S.A.
K & Ν Efthimiadis S.A.
K. Mortos – A. Antoniou
Kalantzis Menelaos
Karavias Insurance S.A.
Karcher S.A.
Kasinakis S.A.
Kerakoll Hellas Ltd.
Knorr S.A.
Kokallis Scrap Ltd.
Konstantinos Georgasopoulos Poultry Farming Company
Kotsovolos S.A.
Kyknos S.A.
L’ Oreal Hellas S.A.
Larco General Mining & Metallurgical Co. S.A.
Larnaka Airport
Litheos Energiaki S.A.
Loulis Mills S.A.
Luna Park Aidonakia S.A.
Mabel S.A.
Maillis, M.J., S.A.
Makrigiannakis Kostas
Mandanis S.A.
Marathos S.A.
Mastercard Offices in Athens
Material Reclaim Services S.A.
Mathios Refractories S.A.
Matsoukis S.A
Matsoukis Veridos S.A.
Mediterranean Enterprises S.A.
Mega Disposables S.A.
Mega Plast S.A.
Megara Resins – Anastasios Fanis S.A.
Mesogeios Ltd.
Mesopotamia Energiaki S.A.
Metaloumin S.A.
Metka Constructions S.A.
Michalopoulos D. S.A.
Microsoft Hellas S.A.
Ministry of Labour of Cyprus
Moreas S.A.
Motor Oil Hellas S.A.
Mprousalis & Co.
Municipality of Edessa
Municipality of Melissia
N. Bellas & D. Tsiouris
N. Mpournazis
Nana Beach Hotel
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
National Bank of Greece
National Center for Emergency Assistance
NCSR Demokritos Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics
Nea Odos S.A.
Neofotistos S.A.
Neonakis – Archimedes S.A.
Neotex S.A.
Nicosia General Hospital
Nielsen Company Greece S.A.
Niki Publishing S.A.
Nikolis Group S.A.
Nilo S.A.
NN Hellas
Olympic Athletic Center of Athens “Spiros Louis”
Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center
Pafos Airport
Pafos S.A.
Pangaea S.A.
Palios Kyriakos
Panta Rei Kourlesi
Papacharalampous Panagiota G. Recycling
Papaderos Ltd.
Papageorgiou Dionysios S.A.
Paper Manufacturing Holding Company S.A. – Softex
Paper Roll Single Member P.C.
Paseco S.A.
Passion Fashion Private Equity Firm
Patras Port Authority S.A.
Patras – Achaias Fish Feed S.A.
Pazaropoulos cars S.A.
Pepsi Bottling Group Greece S.A.
Pergamos Publications S.A.
Perseus S.A.
Pfizer Hellas S.A.
Pharmaserve-Lilly S.A.
Pharmazac S.A.
Phevos Energy S.A.
Pilot Beach Resort
Pipe Life Hellas S.A.
Piraeus Bank
Piraeus Direct Services S.A.
Plaisio Computers S.A.
Planatech S.A.
Plastika Ellados S.A.
Plural S.A.
Prefecture of Athens
Prefecture of East Attica
Pro.Ex G.P.
Procos Michael S.A.
Public Power Corporation S.A.
Pyramis S.A.
Raycap S.A
Regency Casino Mont Parnes
Rehabilitation Center of University Hospital of Patras
Retire S.A.
Rossi S.A.
Roumani Wind Park S.A.
Royal Bank of Scotland
Salfo S.A.
Sanlev S.A.
Sanofi Aventis S.A.
Sarakakis S.A.
Sarantopoulos S.A.
Sentry Technology S.A.
Siemens S.A.
Sifnos Transportation S.A.
Slider S.A.
Solar Ilias Energy S.A.
Soultanoglou S.A.
Spirou House of Agriculture S.A.
Staikos, G. S.A.
Stephanos Karydakis Printing House S.A.
Sulphur Hellas S.A.
Sunlight Systems S.A.
Supermix Nikolakopoulos S.A.
Synarmosis S.A.
Syngenta Hellas S.A.
Tasty Foods S.A.
Technochrom S.A.
Technological Educational Institute of Athens
Tegopoulos X.K. Publishing S.A.
Terlana S.A.
Terna Energy S.A.
The Happy Bee Summer camp
The National Center for the Environment and Sustainable Development
Thivaiki Energy S.A.
Thomson Reuters Hellas S.A.
Tillos D.& Co. G.P.
TIM Hellas S.A.
Titan S.A.
Tosoh Hellas A.I.C.
Toyota Hellas S.A.
Toyota Logistics S.A.
Tsaousis S.A.
TUV Austria Hellas Ltd.
Temenos S.A.
Tyres Herco S.A.
Unilever Knorr S.A. (Pummaro)
Unilever Logistics S.A.
Unilever S.A.
Universal Cleaning S.A.
University Hospital of Patra
University of the Aegean
Upfield Hellas S.A.
Varangis S.A.
Vechro S.A.
Veka S.A.
Vemmo Institute of Vision and Optics
Veolia Environment S.A.
Veridos Matsoukis S.A.
Vernilack S.A.
Vioenergeia S.A.
VKC Company S.A.
Vodafone-Panafone S.A.
Vrochidis S.A.
Wilckens S.A.
Wind Hellas S.A.
Enel Green Power Hellas S.A.
Xanthi Konakli & Associates
Zachos Thomas Recycling
Ziridis School
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