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Waste Sampling and Characterization

Our laboratory performs sampling of wastewater & solid waste, sludge, surface and groundwater in the framework of various projects: environmental audits, supporting of industries in environmental compliance and hazardous waste characterization.

Sampling is carried out following appropriate sampling plans and standard methods for which our laboratory is accredited aiming at the collection of representative samples (EN 14899:2005, CEN/TR 15310-1:2006, CEN/TR 15310-2:2006, CEN/TR 15310-3:2006, EN ISO 5667-1, ISO 5667-10:2013, EN ISO 5667-13:2011, ISO 5667-15:2009).

Waste characterization is performed by assessing the potential hazardous properties of waste by analyzing possible chemical compounds contained in the specific waste and selecting the appropriate EWC code taking into account Regulation 1357/2014 and the Commission Communication on Technical Guidance on the Classification of Waste (2018/C 124/01) as well as the Decision 2003/33. The evaluation is carried out taking into account that hazardous waste means waste which displays one or more of the fifteen hazardous properties listed in Regulation 1357/2014.

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