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Services - Environmental Responsibility, Policy & Legislation

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Already from the beginning of the 1970s, the EU started adopting extensive environmental legislation (Regulations, Directives and Decisions), thus acknowledging the significance of the growing environmental problems and their impact both on nature and on the function of the internal market. Member States are obliged to harmonize their national legislation with the EC provisions, by transposing the latter in their national legal order.

Due to the anticipated increase of the international and EU competition during the following years, and the predicted inclining tendencies of the activities and the production, growing pressures will be exercised to the natural resources, the environment and the quality of life. This will result to the adoption of stricter and analytical environmental legislation both at EC and at national level.

The company's lawyers are specialised in environmental legislation, with extensive experience in various projects, thus providing expert advice and services in the sensitive sectors of environmental management, policy and legislation.

The fields of relative expertise are:

Legal gap analysis between EC and national legislative acts for EU and non-EU countries.

Implementation analysis.

Drafting of national legislation in order to transpose EC environmental legislation in the national legal    order for EU and non-EU countries.

Combined use of instruments in order to achieve environmental goals.

Comparative analysis between national environmental policies for certain policy sectors (waste, air,    nature protection).

Analysis of effectiveness of environmental policies concerning their capacity in achieving environmental    goals.

Analysis of legal compliance for industrial companies of the private and public sector.

Design of regional policies in accordance to the national and EC environmental policy and tailored to    the specific needs of each area.

Design and implementation of communicative instruments, training and awareness concerning    environmental policy and legislation.

Reports and assessments regarding environmental conformity of companies and enterprises.

Environmental due diligence assessments.

Design and development of Corporate and Social Responsibility (SCR) strategy and reports for    enterprises.