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Services - Environmrnta; Planning & Management

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TERRA NOVA has implemented a significant number of projects dealing with the monitoring, evaluation and tackling of various environmental issues faced by contemporary enterprises.

More specifically, TERRA NOVA focuses in the design of solutions in three environmental sectors:

Wastewater and Solid Waste


The integrated and rational management of the produced waste is an extremely significant parameter for the environmentally safe operation of every enterprise.

TERRA NOVA possesses an extensive experience in this field, providing to its customers integrated services:

Design of innovative systems and specialized solutions for the   minimization/ recycling/ treatment of wastewater and solid   waste, which are tailor-made for the specific needs of each   customer (industrial or other activity)
Development of feasibility studies and funding dossiers for   enterprises dealing with waste management

Air emissions and atmospheric pollution


TERRA NOVA has a long year experience in air emissions issues and is specialized in Volatile Organic Compounds emissions as well as in atmospheric air quality.

Moreover, the company owns specialized equipment for the conduction of measurements of various air pollutants.

The services which are provided in this field cover the following issues:

Monitoring of air emissions generated by various activities
Monitoring of atmospheric pollution
Design of specialized systems for the minimization of air   emissions

Green Buildings


The design of a Green Building includes the construction, renovation, operation and maintenance of a building, taking into account environmental criteria and aiming at the minimization of environmental impacts as well as at the improvement of the environmental conditions inside the building in order to ensure a healthy environment for the people using this building.

The environmental design of a building is a multidimensional issue, where a significant number of indices is examined (energy consumption, air emissions, ecological materials, indoor air quality and environmental conditions, solid waste management, water consumption, etc.).

The company designs Green Buildings covering the following sectors:

Selection of materials for the design of environmental friendly   buildings and assessment of the pollutants emissions from   materials which are used for the construction of buildings

Identification of the specific problems in "sick buildings" and   design of the required corrective actions

Organisation of a building operation concerning waste   management issues, energy and water consumption, etc.

Terra Nova Ltd is dealing with the preparation for the certification of the environmental performance of buildings based on international environmental assessment methods for buildings such as LEED, BREEAM or ECOLABEL.