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Measurements - Air Emissions - Air Pollution

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The EU policy concerning air quality has been modified significantly during the last years through the development of a stricter legal framework that sets lower threshold limit values and specific requirements for compliance towards the activities emitting pollutants.

TERRA NOVA covers all the customer's needs concerning legislative requirements, by conducting air emissions measurements. More specifically, our company has an accreditated Laboratory by Hellenic Accreditation System ESYD Acc. No. 792 and owns all the required equipment for the performance of measurements of several compounds in stacks such as Volatile Organic Compounds, particulate matter (isokinetic sampling) and other compounds based on standard methods.

Also, our company owns equipment for the performance of air quality measurements (benzene, ??x, SO2, etc).

The measuring results are evaluated and depending on the case, air quality estimation is conducted by the use of dispersion models. According to the extracted conclusions:

Solutions for the reduction of the air emissions at source are proposed

Planning of the appropriate air pollutant treatment technologies is implemented

VOC Management Plans are developed

The company is specialized on issues relative to Volatile Organic Compound Emissions in the sense of Directive 99/13.