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Measurements - Indoor Air Quality

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The company, according to the outcomes of the measurements, in combination with the outcomes of the inspections performed in each case, provides to its customers documented conclusions as well as integrated proposals and solutions for the confrontation of the potential problems identified:

Indoor air quality is of major concern with respect to human comfort and health risk. This is due to the fact that people spend most of their time (over 90%) in indoor environments.

Major complaints have been reported in several cases concerning health symptoms and comfort, which were found to be related with the indoor environment. The set of these symptoms is called the "sick building syndrome".

Indoor air quality and comfort constitute factors of significant importance for various buildings (offices, schools, hotels, ships etc).

The company has conducted until today more than 50 audits in buildings of various activities. During these audits, the steps followed were:

Indoor air quality measurements (volatile organic unions, carbon dioxide, particles, thermal comfort,    noise, lighting)
Evaluation of extracted results
Determination of potential pollution sources and problems
Planning of the required remediation measures

Moreover, the company deals with the selection of materials for the construction of environmental friendly buildings, as well as with the measurement of emissions from construction materials.